Melody- The Music Club

We sing to the tunes of both the classical and western melodies. Children who are musically inclined not only sing and mix the traditional with the modern but also learn to create their own melodies which sets them free into the thin air of peace and joy.

The Literati

The masters of the languages take charge of the club. They learn to think, speak, listen, create and share their ideas which are finally collaborated in form of the school newsletters, literary activities and school magazines.

Al- a – Carte- The Cookery Club

Young chefs, both boys and girls learn to create recipes to suit any kind of tooth one craves for!

Tae- k- won-do

The sport not only trains the young ones on self-defense but also builds their confidence by making the students feel stronger and sharper!

Eureka!- the Science Club

The only way to predict the future is to create it! The Logical Indians with a heart of gratitude and endurance is nurtured in the Science Club- Eureka! As the name suggests, creativity backed by scientific temper is the backbone of the club. The students think and create solutions to the global issues which haunt the present.

Da Vinci- The Art Club

The world is their masterpiece! The young artists carry their wings of imagination to the level of surreal for there is no stopping!

Panache- The Personality Development Club

Nurturing the vibrant personalities who will represent the country is the aim of the club. Young, confident and well- spoken students of the club definitely raise the bar of Siddharth International.

Eco Club – The school is a green school and the credit goes to the Eco Club of the school. From setting up the Botanical Garden, to weather predictions to adopting plants. We do it all it takes to save and celebrate Mother Nature.