Every classroom at our school is spacious, bright, ventilated and furnished with good furniture that are ergonomically designed confirming to the standards specified for students to develop the right posture and comfortably sit. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board that comes with a host of interactive features, providing a very lively and enriching session between the students and the teacher. Also, each class session can be recorded allowing recaps for the next class.


Our School Library is the centre for excellence with more than 1500 books for our learners are arranged from Primary to Secondary level. Each learner gets an opportunity to give wings to their imagination as they visit the library and pick the books they like to read. Our Multi-media room has latest audio-video aids to help kids to watch and listen to educative, interactive programs that compliment their classroom learning process.


Sports tournaments at various levels in chess, badminton, basketball, volley-ball, football, Kho-Kho and athletics, along with Music and Dance are part of our school curriculum. This not only enhances the spirit of healthy competition, but also equips the child to be disciplined, well coordinated and improves their abilities to work and excel individually and in a team.


For Our Digital natives, the usage of computers is not restricted to learn and apply the knowledge of the computer software but also make use of technology in a mindful manner. Hence, Cyber safety and rules are an integral part of the school IT curriculum. The computer labs have all the software required for academic purposes. Hardware and Software will continuously be upgraded to cope with the latest technology and trend.


Medical Facilities are provided to all the students in case of illness & injury. Medical information of each child is maintained in the Infirmary. The full time nurse and doctor on call is available to provide medical care and support to the school students. An annual medical check up is performed for each child in the school. The school maintains a constant contact with the parents in case of serious illnesses and injuries. The school also has maintained tie ups with prestigious hospitals in the vicinity.


The school has dedicated labs for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Home-Science, well equipped with apparatus, instruments and other useful resources. The benefits of labs go even further in reinforcing practical skills using the instructions correctly.


Following a holistic approach to learning, the school strives to collaborate scholastics with the sports. A large play ground earmarked for various sports activities caters tp the physical development of each learner. Each day a period is allocated for a sport that lets the students learn the skills of team spirit, healthy competition and extend their learning beyond classrooms.