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History of the School- an Enduring Legacy

Once in a way dreaming the impossible may be the most practical thing to do. The report of the education commission on the emergence of an egalitarian and integrated society, spoke of a dream, a dream every committed educationist in India has, a dream of providing quality education to children in every part of our vast country. This very same dream is what inspires the Siddharth International Public School to nurture students of this modern age.

Siddharth International Public School Dilshad Garden came into being in 2007.It started as a primary school. Soon, the school grew from Primary to a middle and middle to secondary. At present, Siddharth International Public school is a progressive modern learning organization. There are 1100 plus students in each branch with well trained staff. Yet what has remained unchanged is the zest and spirit to achieve and to excel.